All Swire Aid community isolation facilities have been delivered


In the face of the grim situation of the fifth wave of the epidemic, all sects of society have played their respective roles. At the request of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Swire Properties (China) Investment Co., Ltd. strives to complete the construction of eight community isolation facilities assisted by the central government in a very sht time to relieve the heavy pressure on the public medical system. After four months of hard wk, the community isolation facility at Penny's Bay Kai Tak was completed the delivery ceremony was held on 21 June. Liaison office, deputy direct of the Yin Zonghua, exchange place, deputy direct of The Hong Kong Macao Affairs Office of the State Council wen-da liu, government officials, Allen wong, development secretary Chen Zhaoshi, secretariat f security chief priests He Yongxian Tang Bingqiang, architectural services department, the direct, so on attended the meeting, examines the kai tak community units equipment isolation facilities, to underst the challenges faced by construction of its operation. This marks that all the anti-epidemic facilities that the central government has assisted to build in Hong Kong since the outbreak of the fifth wave of the epidemic are in place, with a total of about 40,000 quarantine beds. It reflects Swire Pacific's commitment to make contributions to Hong Kong society "one by one, one by one".



It took only 122 days f Penny's Bay  Kai Tak community isolation facilities to be built  delivered. All of them were built by the "assembly  synthesis" construction method (MiC), that is, most of the prefabricated components were finished in the facty building, including windows, switches, walls, ceilings, platfms, etc.,  then transpted to the construction site f simple installation  connection of water, electricity  sewage systems, which effectively shtened the overall construction time. The community isolation facilities in Penny's Bay are two sties high, while the community isolation facilities in Kai Tak are four sties high  equipped with lifts. Each unit has its own toilet  bathroom. The first batch of six community isolation facilities were fully delivered within 29 days, namely, Tsing Yi, Qianxintian Shopping Mall, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Artificial Isl at Hong Kong Pt, Ma Shi Road in Fanling, Hung Shui Bridge near Jiboling Road  Tanmei in Yuen Long. Among them, the community isolation facility in Tsing Yi was completed within 7 days, creating a "Hong Kong Building Miracle".




To ensure the on-time delivery of the project plan, the engineering team wked around the clock, using Design f Manufacture Assembly (DfMA) the "assembly synthesis" construction method (microphone), as well as the self-developed smart management platfm C-SMART to improve the level of project management efficiency. The Kai Tak project, f example, has 54 lifts takes only four months to build. Generally speaking, it takes at least half a year f the lifts to be dered finally put into service.



The anti-epidemic project shows that Swire has always adhered to the administrative value of "prudence, prudence far-reaching". The smooth progress of the project also depends on the full suppt of all parties. The company is honed to contribute to the anti-epidemic wk in Hong Kong. In the future, the company will continue to pursue excellence, strive to deliver quality engineering, make continuous effts to promote the sustainable development of the local construction industry.