The Palace Museum of Culture in Hong Kong is about to open, Hong Kong will strive f perfection, demonstrating Chinese culture with new technology.

香港故宫博物院位于西九龙文娱艺术区,是香港最新的文化艺术标志,将于7月2日正式向公众开放。 太古地产(中国)投资有限公司承建,总建筑面积4.4万平方米,包括9个展厅。在施工过程中,太古地产香港充分发挥自身优势,通过新理念技术的应用,在设计、安全、环保等领域获得多项大奖。

The Palace Museum, Hong Kong's newest cultural artistic icon in the West Kowloon Cultural District, will officially open to the public on July 2. Swire Properties (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is contracted to build the building, with a total flo area of 44,000 square meters, including nine exhibition halls. During the construction process, Swire Properties Hong Kong made full use of its advantages won several awards in the fields of design, safety environmental protection through the application of new concepts technologies.


香港故宫博物院作为北京故宫博物院境外的第一个合作项目,肩负着以建筑空间保护国宝的使命。香港故宫博物院以“鼎”为设计理念,采用了“上宽下聚,上虚下实”的中国传统美学建筑设计。为满足“上宽下齐”的建筑设计要求,在斜度1:3的清水混凝土外墙上,本工程采用大悬臂四柱结构,最大悬臂长度为14.6米,钢构件厚度为100毫米。每个构件可重达12吨,需要四组工人连续焊接12小时。它是香港第一座大倾斜度、大面积、高品质的清水混凝土建筑。在结构设计上,香港的ffbidden City三面环海,在台风季节很容易受到正面攻击。因此,它的结构设计考虑了气候变化。同时,外墙采用玻璃纤维增强混凝土(GRC),以提高其抗拉抗压强度,足以抵御时速达273公里的台风。在装饰方面,香港故宫博物院将环保的理念融入到其设计中。中庭天花板采用透光率为50%的三维铝板,采用波浪形平面连接,可提供自然采光,减少电灯的使用。

As the first cooperation project of Beijing Palace Museum outside the mainl, Hong Kong Palace Museum shoulders the mission of protecting national treasures with architectural space. The Palace Museum in Hong Kong takes "Ding" as its design concept,  adopts the traditional Chinese aesthetic architectural design of "the upper part is wide  the lower part is gathered together,  the top is virtual but the bottom is real". In der to meet the architectural design requirements of "the upper part is wide  the lower part is gathered together"  fm a fair-faced concrete exteri wall with an inclination of 1:3, the project adopts a four-sty cantilever structure with a large cantilever, the maximum cantilever length of which is 14.6 meters,  adopts steel members with a thickness of 100 mm. Each member can weigh up to 12 tons, which requires four groups of wkers to continuously weld f 12 hours f connection construction. It is the first fair-faced concrete building with high inclination, large area  extremely high quality in Hong Kong. In terms of structural design, the Fbidden City in Hong Kong is located on three sides surrounded by the sea, so it is easy to be attacked from the front in typhoon season. Therefe, its structural design has taken into account the climate change. At the same time, glass fiber reinfced concrete (GRC) is applied to the external wall  the internal wall to improve its tensile  compressive strength, which is enough to withst typhoons up to 273 kilometers per hour. In terms of interi decation, the Palace Museum in Hong Kong has incpated the idea of environmental protection into its design. By adopting a three-dimensional aluminum plate with 50% light transmittance, the ceiling of the atrium is designed with a wavy plane connection, which can provide natural lighting f indo lighting  reduce the use of electric lamps.



为了进一步提高施工效率,本项目采用了BIM (Building infmation Simulation Technology)技术。通过三维建筑仿真软件,工程团队可以在同一个数字平台上进行沟通协调,规范施工过程,共同解决从设计、施工操作到全生命周期的各种问题。例如,香港禁城外墙由4022块不同设计的装饰铝板组成,相关的安装工作容易出错。通过BIM的使用,工程师可以提前解决潜在的问题,减少工艺调整的误差,在正式生产安装前将误差控制在3mm以内,从而提高整个项目的精度效率。项目还采用了自主开发的智能站点管理平台C-SMART。借助物联网人工智能,工程团队可以有效实施进度、安全、质量环境管理,从而做出快速准确的决策。

In der to further improve the construction efficiency, the project adopts BIM (Building Infmation Simulation Technology). Through three-dimensional building simulation software, the engineering team can communicate  codinate, regulate the construction process  jointly solve various problems on the same digital platfm from the design, construction  operation to the whole life cycle. F example, the exteri wall of the Fbidden City in Hong Kong is composed of 4,022 pieces of decative aluminum plates with different designs,  the related installation wks are prone to errs. Through the use of BIM, engineers can solve potential problems in advance, reduce process adjustments  crections,  control the errs within 3mm befe the fmal production  installation, thus improving the accuracy  efficiency of the whole project. The project also adopts C-SMART, a self-developed intelligent site management platfm. With the help of Internet of Things  artificial intelligence, the engineering team can effectively implement progress, safety, quality  environmental management, so as to make quick  accurate decisions.


此外,香港故宫博物院对机电建筑设备有极高的要求,包括保持舒适的温度、湿度控制、抗风抗灾、展览安全系统等。F实例,在消防系统的设计中,工程团队在项目中使用了三套不同的消防系统:预作用式喷水灭火系统、Novec 1230清洁气体灭火系统远程喷水灭火系统共同工作。一旦发生火灾,它可以及时扑灭火灾,保护现场的设施和文物不被破坏。

In addition, the Palace Museum in Hong Kong has extremely high requirements f electromechanical building equipment, including keeping comftable temperature, humidity control, wind resistance  disaster resistance,  exhibition safety system. F example, in the design of fire protection system, the engineering team used three different sets of fire protection systems in the project: pre-action sprinkler system, Novec 1230 clean gas fire extinguishing system  long-range sprinkler system to wk together. Once a fire broke out, it could put out the fire in time  protect the facilities  cultural relics in the site from being destroyed.